The right illumination can change a dark place into a nice, comfortable, and cosy place for either a party or a concert. Nowadays technologies offer a wide range of light sources with a great power. Our company prefers light equipment only from the top manufacturers such as: Robe, Martin, Arri, DTS, Look Solutions, MDG etc. For a better grasp of our light park, we can divide lights into following categories, in which we also provide some examples.



They consist of moving heads – which can create different colour shades by RGB or CMY mixing. Our choice was brand Robe, which belongs to the global leaders on the market right now. Lights Robe are best characterized by their precise optics, and by permanent colourfulness and advanced possibilities of beam formation. Not only these, but also many other features got these lights on the biggest concerts and TV shows. A great advantage is the possibility of wireless control, which eliminates cables mainly in hotels and restaurants. You can find these types in our equipment:


Robe - ROBIN DL4S Profile

Universal moving head type SPOT with the newest LED light source. Thanks to rotating gobo and animation wheels and prisms, it is possible to achieve different kinds of graphic and decorative textures. The advanced optics allows you to change the width of the beam extensively, and fast trimming flaps can shape the beam and illuminate precisely areas of different shapes. Thanks to these features, these lights are successful in a TV segment, where products of other manufactures do not reach the required parameters when using LED light sources. DL4S proved its great quality on an event To byl Váš rok, which we technically supported for TV Barrandov.

Robe Robin DL4S



Robe - Pointe

Universal BEAM-SPOT-WASH moving head with discharge light source. It’s characterized mainly by its small size, precise movement, fast response, and by a wide range of possibilities of shaping the light beam for creation of eye-catching spatial effects. We appreciated their quality for example on an interesting show Noc hvězd, which was broadcasted on occasion of the visit of the Czech republic by Chinese president.

Robe Pointe



Robe - ROBIN 800 LED Wash

Moving heads of type WASH with LED light source. We use this moving head for areal illumination of area and for a creation of wide range of contrasting colours on the stage. Thanks to precise mixing of colours and possibilities of simulations of various light sources (light bulb, lamp, day light, etc.) we use these lights as white level light.

Robe - ROBIN 800 LED Wash




In this group there are mainly classic lights (reflectors) with incandescent light source, potleskové svetlá (blinder), sledovacie reflektory (follow spot) etc. Fresnel lights (reflectors) from company ARRI guarantee clear and bright scene from conference up to film projects.

Evey event requires a combination of different types of lights. We highlight Company logos by profile light (reflectors) from ETC Company, which also belongs to the top group of theatre technologies. On concerts, blinders (potleskové svetlá a sledovacie reflektory) are a must and for TV shows, scene is enriched by Sunstrips or Jarag lights.


Arri T1 – universal studio reflector with Fresnel optics with the option of change of radiant beam angle with output of 1000W. Products from ARRI Company belong to the top category in movie and TV segment.

FAL Theatro 1000 – classic theatre reflectors with Fresnel optics and the option of change of radiant beam angle with output of 1000W.

DTS Profilo 1000 – reflector of type PROFILE, that allows you to precisely change the shape and size of the beam. This feature is used when it is required to have precise borders of the light area, ex. Illumination of a Company logo or avoidance for too much light onto the projection screen. 

Blinder 8 lite – classical potleskové, concert light for lighting the audience, with the total output 5200W, can easily cover also large areas as well as open areas.  

Showtec Sunstrip Active – universal reflector of an oblong shape, which consists of 10 independent controlled light sources. It is used mainly in TV shows for achieving shimmering background with the possibility of dynamic blinking programmes, ex. The effect of falling light. 

PAR 64, PAR 56 – the classical concert „old-school“ reflectors, that are now more or less replaced by LED reflectors and intelligent lights. But they still can find their enforcement in rock concerts and when there is a light design with theme of the 80s and 90s.

Konvencne svetla




This category consists of lights that use LED light source, of which the main role is low power consumption with the minimum light emitted. These features predispose them for colourful illumination of areas, creation of good atmosphere, and liven up a fabric and hangers.  Most of the LED reflectors allows RGB mixing of colours. We prefer lights with mixing of RGB+W or RGBW+UV, Amber. Using this technology, we can create pastel colours, ex. pink colour and change the saturation of the scene.

For a easier overview we list some types of LED reflectors or LED bars, which we use the most with decorative lighting of area and completion of colourful atmosphere.


American DJ HEX par –flat reflector with small dimensions suitable for decorative illumination of areas, backlight of truss constructions and with sufficient amount also as a light for concert stages. It also differs from other products on the market with its 6 chip LED source, where you not only have the classical RGB colours but it is also possible to create cold white, warm white, pastel colours and UV light.

Eurolite MLZ-56 ZOOM – LED colourful reflector in classic design with RGB mixing of colours with the possibility of motoric change of the beam width.

Eurolite LED BAR 256 – LED colourful reflector of oblong shape for colourful illumination of area.

LED FLOOD 30W – white reflector for surface illumination, coverage ip65 with the possibility of using it also in exterior.

LED strips a LED balls

When using LED lights, it is possible to achieve incredible atypical shapes, as well as the volume and transparency of the scene. From LED “balls” it is possible to create many interesting shapes, play a video on them, create a light hanger or shape them and combine them in different colours. Their usage is good in the interior as well as in the exterior.

led osvetlenie




These types of lights serve for the illumination of buildings, large spaces, for highlight of any architecture element, or just for highlight of a particular building where event takes place. Very important feature of these lights is the high output of the light source and resistance against windy weather – but mainly rain and humidity.


Griven Kolorado MK2 – Efficient discharge reflector, which belongs to a one of the most efficient colour converters, from an Italian manufacturer Griven. Light source – discharge tube HMI 2500W offers enough of power/output also in the largest areas.

Robe CitySkape Xtreme a Robe CityFlex 48 – LED lights that have wide range of usage.

Space Canon Xenon – light cannon planted on a moving head with the beam visibility 2-5 km.




Every light show requires synchronized control of the individual lights and close link with the image and sound. We own the most frequentely used light desks and technical solutions from Companies MA Lighting, Avolites, SES lighting, Elation etc. Besides the classical control protocol DMX512 we also use advanced network solutions through MAnet, ARTnet, SACN, OSC and many other data protocols included TIMECODE and MIDI for connection of light, sound, and image to one audio visual element. Its base is made from quality branded cables from Companies Cordial and Titanex supplemented by splitters and dimmers from Slovak manufacture SRS Lighting.


Light desks:

MA Lighting GMA2 – universal control desk for lights and media servers

MA Lighting Comand Wing – small light console using software and technology of big light desks. Suitable for small events or as a part of big light shows, where it is linked with other light desks for extension of control or as a backup system. 

Avolites Titan Mobile – small controlling console with possibly of being a big desk. 

Avolites Pearl 2008


Dimmers, data devices:

SRS Lighting DPD12 – time-tested digital dimmers from Slovak manufacturer SRS lighting, who established a global reputation.

Elation E-Node Pro – digital converter ARTnet/DMX with functions of splitter, dmx merger




Very important part of every light show are fog machines and special effects. Besides fog machines, we use so called hazers – devices creating gentle fog to highlight the light effects. At the same time the area stays clean which is very important for Company events and TV shows. During causal events we fog the area with fog machines and hazers from German Company Look Solutions.

MDG ATMe –professional generator of a fog – hazer from Canadian manufacturer MDG, which belongs to the worlds top brands in area of special effects, that are used mainly on TV and movie shooting.

Plazivy dym



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