Referenz Ball MO Volkswagen

Year flew fast and we met again at Refinery Gallery with team of modern union Volkswagen and together we prepared a great night full of fun. Gentlemen Hudák and Čekovský hosted the whole night perfectly and entertained everybody by their excellent humour. The dancing floor was moved up by a dancing group Interklub, good mood and atmosphere was achieved thanks to Adam Ďurica and what kept people on the dance floor until late morning was Tip Top Band and their unlimited  repertoir of classic hits. 

We have created a simple but effective scene for this ball. The stage was decorated by RGB stars sky and together with the dancing floor illuminated it with effect moving heads Robe. Thanks to using intelligent RGB mixing we were able to achieve monolithic light show. For good visibility of the program in the back area of the area we streamed signal from cameras to LED screens Absen.

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