Absen A3 Pro

We're bringing the absolute best screen among LED screens to Slovakia. Right now, we have up to 250 m2 of space available, to ensure we can support even the biggest events. No more spoiled camera recordings! Thanks to advanced imaging technology, which shoots as many as 2000 images per second with 2000 Hz refresh rate, we guarantee that there will be no flickering on your recordings. This holds for any video-recorder, whether we’re talking about broadcasting or camera recording. Absen A3 Pro is also the only LED screen with certification from the EU in Slovakia.

  • No flickering on camera recordings
  • The only LED screen with EU certification in Slovakia
  • 250 m2available immediately
  • LED modules with 3.9 mm pixel pitch
  • Full HD resolution from 7,5x4,2m dimensions
  • Product is suitable for broadcasting
  • High flexibility of formats and shapes
  • Unrivalled quality for favourable price
LEDbow DCU 4

The company LEDbow belongs to veteran LED screen manufacturers, with roots in the neighbouring Czech Republic. Our company has had great experience with DCU 4 SMD, which has 4 mm pixel pitch and offers HD resolution from 5x3m dimensions. Viewing distance is possible from 3 metres, which is particularly important in smaller interior spaces, such as congress halls in many hotels. Its biggest advantage is wide variability as this screen offers optional shapes and sizes, so there’s no limit to your imagination. The size of one module is 576x576mm, which allows for great variability of screen formats, whether we are talking about 4:3, 16:9 or atypical formats, which are not supported by common modules.

LedBow DCU4

LEDbow DLU6 Outdoor

Outdoor LED screen LEDbow DLU6 belongs to LED screens with the ability to display more than 281 billions of colour shades. This LED screen is ideal for exterior. Beside the possibility of using it in oval shape, this screen is fully waterproof and meets world standards, IP65. The manufacturer also guarantees seamless operation 24/7, so there’s no need to worry that the LED screen would stop working during your important event. DLU6 simply fulfils even the most demanding requests outdoors.

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